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Volaris S7 Smart : A fully customisable and adaptable rollator

All desirable functions.

Volaris S7 SMART is a fully customisable and adaptable rollator, with the excellence in quality and functionality that Volaris guarantees. The rollator is suitable for use indoors and out. The Comfort Frame™ allows the rollator to remain stable on uneven surfaces. The frame flexes enabling the wheels to remain on the ground when going over bumps. The X-type design facilitates folding and ensures that the rollator stand steadily in the folded position, making it convenient to store in small spaces, and compact for travel and placing in the car.

The seat and handle height on the Volaris S7 SMART can be easily adjusted with the pull of a knob. This means one walker can be adapted to suit tall or short persons. It would be particularly useful in situations where many different users depend on one walker to be adapted to their individual needs, for example in rehabilitation centres, care homes and hospitals.

We supply as standard the backrest and basket from the accessory list.

The backward pointing handles can also be changed to suit individual needs with a choice of anatomical as well as cylindrical hand grips. Another unique feature of the S7 SMART is a newly patented ”smart” link system brake function. The travel and parking brakes are very accessible and contribute to a safe and effective braking action. There are a range of different accessories available to ensure individual user needs are met.

The Volaris S7 SMART is manufactured in Sweden from reusable material. Patents have been applied for covering both construction and design. The rollator is developed in accordance with the prevailing standard for walking aids, ISO 11199-2:2005

Technical specification

Weight 7,5 kg
Personal weight capacity 140 kg
Handle height 760 - 1000 mm
Seat height 460 - 480 - 520 - 560 - 600 mm
Width between handles 415 mm
Total width 590mm
Folded width 230 mm

Note S7 Smart Low

Handle height 680 - 860 mm
Seat height 460 - 600mm

We supply as standard the backrest and basket from the accessory list.

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