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Umotions Walker :A walking aid that is specifically designed for people with Parkinson's disease

The Umotion is co-created with individuals with Parkinson's Disease, their partners, therapists and doctors. Explore it's properties, such as:

  • Green laser light to eliminate 'freezing'
  • Unique stability by U-shaped frame
  • Conversely brake
  • Brake can be operated with one hand
  • The sled brake provides additional control


  • The U-shaped frame provides unique stability
  • By standing between the frame is correct posture stimulated

Conversely brake

  • Attack is prevented because the Umotion always is on the brake, the Umotion rolls only when the brakes are lightly squeezed
  • The Umotion stops immediately when the brakes are released
  • Braking system is operated with one hand

Prem sledge

  • With the sled brake can be set preventive desired resistance for added control
  • The sled brake can also be set asymmetrically

Green laser light

  • In order to eliminate "freezing", use is made of green laser light
  • Once the user gets the green laser line, is beyond the 'freezing' time
  • Green laser light is up to 6 times more visible than red laser light

Safe sitting and standing

  • The Umotion is always on the brake so the Umotion does not roll when the user is
  • The user can safely get up from the seat because the Umotion not roll away when the user


  • The small turning radius (<85cm) can be used in small spaces such as toilet, bathroom and kitchen the umotion good

Threshold Help

  • The threshold assistance has three positions for high and low thresholds
  • The small wheels at the end of the threshold help roll the Umotion over the threshold and have an anti-tilt

Simply put away

  • Folding and unfolding is simple
  • When folded, the Umotion compact for transport
  • The Umotion can be lowered vertically

Seat with non-slip coating

  • The user can sit comfortably by the generous seat with backrest
  • The seat can also be used as a tray by the anti-slip coating

Technical specification

Weight capacity max 125 kg
Turning circle 85cm
Adjustable for users between lengths 150 cm/180 cm
Width seat 46 cm
Seat height 54 cm
Length 64 cm
Wheel size 20 cm
Weight 9.5 kg
Material of frame Aluminium
Size when folded 95 x 63 x 46 cm

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