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The Eton Petite

The Eton chair is part of our Classic Collection of handmade, budget priced rise and recline chairs.

The Eton chair is available in three sizes (petite, medium (shown as standard in the brochure) and grande (not shown in the brochure)) and in a choice of one motor (wallhugger), or two motors.

The Eton chair is supplied with a waterfall styled back. Castors and two side pockets are supplied as standard.

The Eton chair is handmade using hardwood frames.

There is a two year warranty on the mechanism and wood frame, and a one year warranty on all fabrics on the Eton chair range.

If wishing to require one side pocket on a chair where side pockets are not included as part of the chair, please state which side you would like the pocket as if you were sitting in the chair.

Prices for the manually operated and recline only operated Eton chair are available on request. 

Size Chart
Seat to floor height


Seat depth


Seat width


Back height


Overall width


Mechanisms available
1 Motor R & R Wallhugger
2 Motor R & R
Fabrics available
STD Range
Vyflex Stretch
Vinyl - Lima Range
Leather (Birch Range)
Options available
Visco elastic foam seat
Visco elastic foam footboard
Visco elastic foam arm rest
Gel pad seat
Gel pad footboard
10 day battery back-up
Scotchguard (or equivalent)
Neck cut-out
Side pockets (each)
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