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The Millie-Mova has important ands flexible features:

  • Eliminates risk of injury to carer
  • Easily fits most chairs
  • Safeguards service user's legs and hands
  • Prolongs chair life
  • Improved dignity and safety for service user
  • Improves chair stability
  • Protects the floor from damage


The millie-mova is a kit that fits most dining chairs. Once fitted the device makes it very easy for a carer to move a seated person to and from the table, without compromising the stability of the chair. This eliminates to risk of injury to carers as they try and get a seated person closer to the table at mealtimes. At less than €100 it is a simple and affordable solution to this age old problem. As you may see on the video, it is child's play to use.


  • Weight around 1.5 kg
  • Fits most dining chairs within UK size range
  • Weight limit 20 Stone/130kg
  • Only simple tools required to install
  • Pedal available for larger chairs or armchairs/patient chairs

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